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Los Abogados, LLC is proud to announce that a new (and lower) pricing structure has been developed for our personal injury software.  Along with the new release (Version 7.08),  PI-Master will now enjoy the following pricing structure that we feel will meet the needs of almost all of our clients and their specific law office practice.

These listed price reductions may change at anytime so therefore we suggest you take advantage of our generous offerings while they still exist.  Any extra special sale amounts are listed in RED and are subject to going in or out on a rather random basis.  These Red Tag Specials must be purchased  when the sale prices are visible on this website.

Monthly Plan

Caseload Allotments

Payment Frequency

Amount Per Month


Unlimited Plan 


no maximum caseload


Once / month

reg: $199.00

special sale price $79.00


Plus Plan 


up to 10 new  cases per month


Once / month

reg: $149.00

special sale price $49.00


Basic Plan 


up to 5 new  cases per month


Once / month

reg: $99.00

special sale price $29.00

When You're Ready To Subscribe...


- $79.00/month

(Unlimited New Cases Per Month)


- $49.00/month

(Up To 10 New Cases Per Month)


- $29.00/month

(Up To 5 New Cases Per Month)

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